Filfishing Lex River Feeder

Filfishing Lex River Feeder

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DATE OF DELIVERY:28.03.2023 PERSONAL COLLECTION IN PRAGUE: the day after tomorrow
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The Filfishing Lex River Feeder is a new, half-round, open, wire feeder suitable primarily for flowing waters. The bottom side of the weight of this feeder has spikes, thanks to which the feeder will stick to the bottom and will not drift in the current. Another advantage is that it is made in CAMO colors, so the feeder easily blends in with the bottom and makes the fish much less nervous or scared.

  • A classic half-round, wire feeder, developed especially for feeder fishing in flowing waters
  • The bottom side of the load has spikes that keep the feeder in place even in a strong current
  • CAMO design easily blends in with the day
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