ZFISH Attractor Bait Spray

ZFISH Attractor Bait Spray

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DATE OF DELIVERY:28.03.2023 PERSONAL COLLECTION IN PRAGUE: the day after tomorrow
Flavour Chilli Robin Red
Flavour Monster Crab Pineapple
Flavour Squid Kril
Flavour Squid Octopus
Flavour Strawberry Banana
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ZFISH Attractor Bait Spray 50ml is an oil-based spray booster / attractant. After using it, it significantly increases the number and even the intensity of shots. You simply spray the bait itself and cast it. Immediately after hitting the surface, the attractor begins to release an odor and oil trail, which easily attracts fish from the surrounding area and activates their senses and increases their appetite. This attractant is universal, so when using a meat flavor, it will work great on predators after spraying an artificial lure, as well as live or dead fish.

  • The spray increases the attractiveness of all lures both when carp fishing and when hunting predators
  • Suitable for both boilies and rubber lures, wobblers, and live or dead fish
  • Based on an oil base, so it does not dissolve PVA materials!
  • Simple application by spraying - SPRAY
  • Suitable for use in both warm and cold water, where its potential will be even stronger
  • Volume: 50ml
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