Privacy and data protection policy

The company Zfishing Sport Wholesale s.r.o., as an operator of the online shops and declares that all personal data is confidential and protected under Act No. 101/2000 Coll. (Czech Collection of Laws and Regulations), the Data Protection Act.

Zfishing Sport Wholesale does not collect any personal data which might identify a particular person, unless the person voluntarily provides the company with such personal data. This data may be collected from a person who voluntarily registers with the server, to use its services, takes part in surveys and polls, etc. Any kind of personal data identifying a particular person shall not be handed over or sold to a third party, unless the user is informed about this in the course of collecting such data.

Zfishing Sport Wholesale reserves the right to analyse the users' behaviour on its websites. Such analyses include (without limitation): counting of visitors who saw an advertisement banner or counting clicks on each banner; such data is also available to the individual advertisers – always as a statistical overview, never in individual items. Users should be aware that the data which they voluntarily provide on discussion forums or any other automatically generated websites may be used by third parties. However, such use of personal data cannot be controlled and the company Zfishing Sport Wholesale cannot and shall not be liable for it.

Users should be aware that some information about them may be automatically collected in the course of the standard operation of our server (for example the IP address of the user's computer) and in the course of using cookies (small text files which are saved in the user's computer); using cookies, a server can recognize a user which has already visited it, and subsequently record the user's behaviour and for example alter the design and content or target advertising campaigns in a better way). Cookies are not programmes which could cause damage to the user's computer. Most of the web browsers allow you to refuse cookies, but the online shop will not work correctly unless the cookies are permitted.

The company Zfishing Sport Wholesale shall, upon a request by a user, make any steps to erase all of the user's personal data, provided that such steps can be taken at reasonable costs.

Effective date May 25, 2018

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